Daily Prayer


Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish





God Our Father, you are the source of every good gift - our lives, our faith and our families. All these gifts are set in flesh and crowned with the gift of your Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ.

We welcome and embrace your love, knowing we must respond in kind. As members of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel parish family we are prepared to renew and rededicate ourselves to your service in building up your Kingdom.

Our task is a continuation of the journey of Salvation we began when we were Baptized and became your children, sharing in the Body of Christ as His Church.

We pray to realize more and more that we are valuable and that each one of us has an important place within this parish.

In the Name and Spirit of Jesus, we commit ourselves to share our time, our talent, our material gifts and our prayers to succeed in our efforts.

We ask you Father to stay with us on this journey so that your name will be praised and our faith will be strengthened.